Welcome to the website of the artist Richard Sharp.

Richard Sharp’s paintings depict the fragility of the landscape of The Burren where he has a farm, near Ballyvaughan. He endeavours to paint outside, but often has to retreat to his cow shed or borrowed houses to complete work in acrylics oils or inks on any surface at hand; canvas, plywood, hardboard, etc…

missing works

Creating a catalogue of all the works by Richard Sharp, the search for paintings and prints, old or new, is a time consuming process. If you have bought, or were given or have information about any of the works by Richard Sharp this will be much appreciated. You can send the information to . Ownership details need not to be published, anomymity will be respected.


Richard Sharp and Tom Prendergast
2nd exhibition and Richard Sharp
3rd exhibtion in Glór Gallery, Ennis

Beyond The Blue Horizon
1 November 2016 - 3 December 2016
 opening on 4 November 2016

permanent exhibition Quilty